Drinking Water

Disinfection of drinking water

Safety with the Aqua Eco system:  NADES 2.0 ® decontaminates a system very quickly and provides reliable protection from germs.

It is fed into the customer’s pipeline system using a metering pump by volume, thus ensuring that the drinking water is free of germs.

A small supply of NADES 2.0 ® s sufficient to reduce the biofilm and to permanently prevent it from re-building. The destruction of germs in drinking water pipes takes place in a matter of seconds and results in a significant degradation of the deposited biofilm. The system is then kept free of germs permanently from that time by means of a continuous supply of NADES 2.0®.

According to WHO estimates, 14 people die every day from diarrheal diseases due to inadequate water and sanitation and hygiene (WASH).


 The very good microbiological effectiveness, the reduction of biofilm and the fact that NADES 2.0 ® in contrast to conventional sodium hypochlorite – is not a hazardous substance are just some of the advantages. In addition, on site production avoids the transport, storage and disposal of canisters. We therefore offer clean drinking water and employee safety combined with microbiological safety plus sustainability.