Poultry Farms

Advantages of NADES 2.0 in Poultry Farms

  1. Improves farm biosecurity
  2. Reduces disease rate
  3. Provides better quality of broiler birds in broiler farms and breeder farms
  4. Increases egg production in layer farms
  5. Reduces antibiotic frequency through decreasing diseases caused by microbial contamination of water
  6. Improves the bio burden and hygiene when used as a surface disinfectant
  7. Saves the cost of handling, transporting and storing hazardous chemicals used for water treatment
  8. Eliminates the biofilm in water distribution system and lines so bird will drink germ free water
  9. Improves the bio burden and hygiene when used as a surface disinfectant
  10. Saves the cost of chemical-based disinfectants for manual line flushing.
  11. Saves time and energy since manual flushing of all lines can be avoided
  12. Reduces water storage tanks cleaning frequency
  13. Improves water flow in lines flow of water through eliminating pathogenic bacteria, biofilm and algae growth and eliminating blockage of water nozzles.

NADES 2.0 can be sprayed in the hatchery and other processing areas by fogging machine to reduce airborne microbial contamination.

Action Benefit
– Improve water biosecurity – Increased output (better chicken growth and more eggs)
– Reduce germ level in air through the fogging applications and watering the animals – Healthier animals
– Secured water quality within the drinking water standards and guidelines – Comply with standards and guidelines
– Avoid the use of aggressive acids – Savings in maintenance
– Reduction of germ level – Greater safety