Nades 2.0

NADES2.0® for Commercial and Industrial use

NADES2.0® disinfection product range are safe made from electrolyzed water powered by German ECA technology producing powerful disinfectants with natural ingredients. Does NOT contain harsh chemicals and can be used to sanitize air, water, food and all surfaces. Use diluted only as per recommended concentration, depends on the application (see dilution recommendations in the direction for use section).



• Surface disinfectant for different surfaces like floors, walls, tables, desks, toilets, hand washing basins, machines, equipment, tools, handles, glass, countertops, food contact surfaces, cutting boards, playground rides.

• Can be used in residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, food industries, kitchens, malls, salons, schools, educational centers, gyms, public transportation, vehicles, ambulances, nurseries, hospitals, clinics, labor accommodation, supermarkets, swimming pools, cooling towers etc.

• Disinfects water according to international standards • Sterilization of fruits & vegetables, food processing areas and equipment, meat washing after slaughtering and before packing and food preserving refrigerator sterilization according to the international standards.