Advantages of ECA Technology

The ECA Generator produces active chlorine out of harmless sodium chloride salt solution and electricity. Both are easy to handle and available worldwide. This process substantially reduces the risks involved in the distribution, transport, storage and handling of the hazardous active chlorine treatment of process water.

Unlike conventionally manufactured sodium hypochlorite which can produce harmful chlorates; the active ingredient in our products is produced using 100% natural resources. The ECA solution NADES® and NADES 2.0® are effective against biofilm and have a high anti-microbiological and anti-viral efficacy. NADES® is pH Neutral (pH 7) which means the product is gentle on the skin and does not cause any irritation.

About Biofilm Formation:

Various microbes have the ability to survive in water distribution systems with some possessing the ability to grow and/or produce biofilm. Primary pathogens survive and protect themselves, ultimately becoming part of the biofilm and often displaying more resistance against conventional disinfection and sanitization approaches like thermal disinfection or traditional chemical disinfecting solutions. The presence of biofilms plays a significant role in harboring and providing favorable conditions in which Legionella pneumophilia and Pseudomonas aeruginosa may grow and posing serious health risks. This represents a major contamination problem in all water distribution systems (i.e., slaughterhouses, beverage industry, water treatment plants, poultry industry, etc.)

Fighting the biofilm 

In cold water < 20 °C, Legionella pneumophilia does not multiply but remains dormant. In countries with hot climate, cold-water inlet temperatures often exceed 25 °C, ideal for microbiological growth and biofilm formation. It is a widely known fact that conventional free active chlorine solutions are relatively ineffective in eliminating biofilm.

Solution — fight the cause not the symptoms

NADES® and NADES 2.0® are electrochemically activated NaOCl (ECA). They prevent and/or hinder the growth of microbiological activities in water. A continuous inoculation NADES® and NADES 2.0®,  disinfect through the chlorination oxidation reaction of RNA/DNA destroying the Extracellular Polymeric Sustenanc (EPS) of biofilm which protects the microorganisms present in the biofilm and facilitates the transport of nutrients. Biofilm control is one of the important industry objectives to ensure that water delivered is of the highest quality.